Thursday, December 29, 2011

24 fire

The action takes place in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Attorney ordering a cigar box (24 pieces). Very rare and very expensive ($ 15,000 box). Once the box arrives, lawyers rush to insure them. Made cigars insurance against theft, all kinds of natural disasters including fire. For about a month time, before it made the first contribution to the policyholder, smoked cigars and lawyer filed claim against the insurance company.
The lawsuit, he explained that cigars were irretrievably lost "in a series of small fires" and insists that his insurance company to pay losses. The insurance company refused to pay, based on the obvious reason that the lawyer has consumed the cigars in the most popular method - smoked them f. Counsel judge them ... and won the case!
Ruling, the judge agreed with the insurance company that the claim is trivial and meaningless. However, the judge said that the lawyer held a policy from the insurance company to insure the cigars against fire, without saying exactly what the policy fire is not acceptable.
Therefore, the insurance company is obliged to pay insurance.
Instead of wasting time and money in the long procedures and appeals, the insurance company accepted the ruling and paid the lawyer $ 15,000 to cover the "loss" of so valuable cigars in a series of small "fire."
Once the lawyer cashes the check, the insurance company put a complaint to the police, demanding the arrest of lawyer. He is accused of causing 24 fires. Arrest him! In court, the insurance company brings out the policy and law certificate from the previous case. Lawyer is accused of intentional infliction of 24 fire at the insured property and was sentenced to 24 months in prison and a $ 24,000 fine.