Friday, December 2, 2011

The first sex School opened

The first international school opened its doors for sex near Vienna, writes the newspaper "Daily Mail". The aim of the school is "to study the various sexual techniques that will change people's lives and that of their relatives."

The manager of the school  Ilva-Maria Thompson said that in all other sectors of education have quality training programs for mind and body, but not orderly development of the sexual skills.

"In educational institutions, sex is taboo, it is most often mentioned only in the sense of play and the themes of sexual skills and exercise regularly to avoid. Our curriculum includes theory and practice. Theory suggests a review of past and contemporary theories of sexuality, and will learn and sexual positions, techniques of touch, anatomical facts ... and most importantly, students will have practice, "said Thompson.

And have recently started enrollment in school, although training will start only next year. The cost of one semester is 1400 euros and most places are already filled.

Most of the training will be conducted in German, but there will be special weekend rates for couples.