Sunday, January 29, 2012

Banned Irish unemployment to walk in pajamas

New fashion - a walk with pajamas

Irish officials have banned the unemployed to come in pajamas job interviews, BBC reported.

Appropriate warning was circulated in the city Damastaun. Addressing the unemployed said that sleeping attire is not appropriate for situations such as interviews with potential employers in the labor offices. As the consultant Billy Dixon pajamas is associated with sleep and rest at home and not work, so in search of job applicants should put clothing appropriate for a serious conversation with the employer, said Thursday.

In recent months, the ban on pajamas is not the first in Britain. Recently, residents of the Welsh capital Cardiff were asked not to shop in pajamas in the supermarket "Tesco". And in the English city of Middlesbrough parents were advised not to put their children to school if they are not dressed appropriately.

Friday, January 27, 2012

16 kilograms of cocaine mistakenly arrived at UN headquarters in New York

Two packages containing 16 kilograms of cocaine were delivered in error at UN headquarters in New York last week, a spokesman for the New York police said on Tuesday.

The packages arrived on 16 January in the distribution center of UN post. They aroused the suspicions of the officers wore as a logo that looked like a "rough imitation" of the UN logo.

According to Paul Brown, a police spokesman in New York, there were 14 packets books whose pages were cut and each contained less than one kilogram of cocaine, stated Monday.

He explained that the packages had no name or address and they arrived in Mexico City in Cincinnati (Ohio).

"Our working hypothesis is that this drug does not have to leave Mexico," said police spokesman. "Some in Mexico are now clearly very sorry that he has lost a quantity of cocaine," he added.

Drug detainee has a market value of about two million dollars, said Wednesday.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese miracle-30-storey hotel built in just 15 days

What can you do for 360 hours? It may sound unbelievable but the Chinese construction company Broad Group has managed to rise from zero 30-storey hotel in Hunan Province in just 15 days or 360 hours.

So China may add a new title to its record, namely the fastest builder in the world, says British newspaper Daily Mail.

The construction of the foundations of the builders took 46 hours. Despite the impressive pace, construction is carried out without any injuries.

The company guarantees that the hotel can withstand an earthquake of 9 degrees on the Richter scale. Experts tested the building say it is five times more resistant to shocks than conventional buildings.

To build a hotel developer used ready-made modules that have some advantages, says the Daily Mail.

The previous record for rapid construction had a 15-storey building in China, built in six days.

See how to build a 30-storey hotel for 15 days:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nail stuck in the skull of a man, he felt


32-year-old American Dante Autulo crashed his 8.5-inch nail into his head, without understanding, while using a gun for nailing in the workshop.

At one point the unit slip out of his hand. He felt the gun hit him lightly on the head and it seemed that automatically launched nail passed his ear. Upon contact with the sensor head but the gun really take into account the flat surface and fired.

His wife looked at the wound, clean it, but nothing indicated that the skull was pounding the nails. The man is busy with routine tasks.

The next day, however, felt that he is sick, and his wife offered to go to the hospital. X-rays showed that the nail was stuck in the middle of his brain in millimeters from the brain center that controls motor functions. The operation was successful and now Autulo joking with his adventure. (24 hours)

Ronaldo scored two penalties to win at Real Madrid


Cristiano Ronaldo scored two penalties to twist and win Real Madrid 4-1 with ten other guests from Athletic Bilbao, which Royal Club restore their lead by five points at the top of the ranking against Barcelona.

The young team from Bilbao in the lead through Fernando Yorente results in the 13th minute, but then quickly Marcelo equal to 1:1.

Subsequently, Ronaldo scored two penalties in the second half for the win and Jose Kayehon only formed around a 4-1 goal in the 86th minute.

Thanks to Ronaldo, who leads the ranking in the goalscorers with 23 goals, Real Madrid lead with five points of Barcelona in the Primera.

Earlier yesterday, Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick in the victory with 4-1 win over Malaga.