Sunday, December 11, 2011

Protesters symbolically buried in Russia democracy

Protests in Russia against electoral manipulation and continued through the night.
After tens of thousands of demonstrations in cities across the country yesterday, the biggest in 15 years, this night about 30 enthusiasts dressed in black, held a funeral of Russian democracy in the central square in St. Peterburg.
30 minutes after the campaign they were detained by police for public order offenses.
Yesterday, police arrested dozens of people who asked for more civil rights and the cancellation of election results. 90 residents protested the city.

Hundreds of Russians protested in major European cities against the election results. Over 500 people demonstrated in Berlin near the Russian embassy. Frankfurt 50 people took to the peaceful procession with drums in the city center. The rally was held in Paris to the center for contemporary art "Georges Pompidou". Participants drew up a petition to be sent to Moscow. Signatures in the document put over 430 people. At the rally near the diplomatic mission of Russia in the Netherlands gathered 40 people.