Sunday, December 4, 2011

When a woman ceases to love?

 Love the woman is strong, but there are always things that can kill her and make it so that it disappears. The five most important reasons for this are as follows.

The constant criticism

The constant criticism kills love. The constant need to point out its errors and things that "do it wrong," reduce the feeling of falling in love and affection for her, until at one point the woman did not like it. She saw no more point in trying, because he always responds to criticism and negative comments.


The woman loves to feel special and important in the life of man. It is often more than one role - and a housewife and mother, and cook and so on. But while it feels adored these things are no problem. On the contrary, she loves to cook and to wash her husband if felt gratitude for their labor. Otherwise, feel depressed and humiliated. When work begins to be taken for granted and love disappears.


If your relationship is long, the routine can also kill the love feeling. If every weekend doing the same things and nothing really interesting, boredom can cause a woman in a strong desire for change. If a man is not it, it will be worth it as a burden that prevents it.

Loss of independence

Independence is healthy in any relationship. The woman and man should keep his personal life, friends, activities, hobbies. You do not need to lead a double life. It is important not to obey their lives the life of your partner. Love the woman disappears when you start doing things together, and after awhile you start complaining that you miss what you had before.

Lack of chemistry

Women often lose interest when confronted face to face with "real life". It occurs when the initial crush away and start living together, full of care bills, job and children. When chemistry and "butterflies in the stomach" disappear for some women it is a sign to continue on. In some sense, however, disappears due to lack of communication and emotional partner off wrote