Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sun is activated

In the spring of 2012 are expected period of increasing solar activity
photo of 'The sun activates'

X-rays, different waves reach Earth's surface for 8 minutes and 20 seconds

    Successive period of increasing solar activity will occur in the spring of 2012.

    By next December, it will reach its peak, said to RIA "Novosti" Sergei Smirnov, vice president of the astronomer-geodetic union of Russia, Prof. Pulkovskata Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences. "The increase in solar activity, the appearance of spots on the surface of our luminary, the emergence of strong magnetic storms will affect health and mood of many people" - Smirnov told a press conference.

    In his previous period of solar activity was in 2000 and 2002 if the scheme continues, people of Earth will see a "disturbance" of the sun not only in 2012 but in 2014

    The period of relative calm the sun continued from 2007 to 2009 and as late as 2010 there were small sun spots, noted astronomer. "First of all disturbances on the sun affect the weather-sensitive people and people with unstable psyche. In those days we needed to be more careful to keep better health" - advise Smirnov.

    X-rays, different waves reach Earth's surface for 8 minutes and 20 seconds, and charged particles - a period of two to four days.

    "Them feel those who have headaches these days, it hurts the heart deteriorates their overall health. Moreover, there are people who feel the magnetic disturbances before their tracks to be recorded by instruments of observatories on Earth.
're Connected to the Sun much closer than it seems at first sight "- says Smirnov. As for the asteroid Apophis-99942, who allegedly had threatened Earth in 2029, it will be close as possible to our planet until 2035 At that time the distance between the Earth and is about 40 000 km.

    "This is the approximate height of geostationary satellites and stations, ie they should be afraid, not even from the meteorite itself, but flow into small pieces that are worn with it. Earth no danger" - highlights the Russian scientist.