Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sexual Traditions in Eastern Countries

Sexual Culture in Eastern countries is quite different from the traditional European. In countries such as Japan, China, India and Nepal, sexuality is seen not only as a means of communication arts, but also as a science.

Sex in these countries is not only a goal but a means to achieve spiritual upliftment.

The attitude of Chinese towards sex is largely influenced by the ancient philosophy, which accepts women as a "second class".
In ancient China sought marriage is primarily a family. Both then and now there is oral sex considered a perversion and is punishable by law. Studies show that nearly 100% of Chinese do not feel any pleasure from sex and do not know how to deliver this to his partner.
Unlike the Chinese in the Land of the Rising Sun active sex life has always been a respected part of their culture. The Japanese still follow the advice of thick books on physical love. Foreplay is a must, very slow and almost bordering on ritual. It is imperative that women before sex to gather your hair in a bun and neck uncovered. In Japan, all newlyweds traditionally receive richly illustrated book with all possible sex positions. This book is placed under the pillow to ensure a wonderful wedding night.
In India, well, sex before marriage is punishable. Even in the most circulated book in the world, "Kama Sutra" says that the ideal of sexual perfection is achieved only in marriage. About 95% of all marriages in India are based on prior agreement between the parents of the bride and groom.
Significant difference in perceptions on sexual maturation makes Thailand. Sex there has never been considered forbidden fruit, but as something quite natural that borders on madness. There have sex children from 8- 10 years of age.