Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Worst bridges in the world

The longest, highest and most unstable

    Wooden boards, rusty wire,
a little torn ropes
, dizzying heights, unpleasant wind - this is what most people at the mention of the phrase scary bridge. Whether the worst bridges in the world meet this description, to be seen with a quick glance at some of them.
Capilano Suspension Bridge

  Capilano Suspension Bridge is 137 meters in length and height - 70 m
  Suspension bridge is located in Canada. It was built back in 1889, as its length is 137 meters and the height - 70 meters. Walk on it may not be particularly dangerous experience, but certainly raises adrenaline due to the relatively narrow path and bouncing cedar boards on it.
Trift Suspension Bridge

  One of the longest and highest pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps - Trift, was built in 2004 to help climbers to reach the hut, which was previously unavailable because of a glacier. In 2009 added higher handrails and additional cables to fight swinging due to wind turbulence. Pass the bridge still requires great courage.
Royal Gorge Bridge

  Located in Colorado at an altitude of nearly 290 meters, making it the highest suspension bridge in the United States. People with fear of heights will define it as an insurmountable obstacle on the road, especially given that the stabilizing cables are not renewed since 1982.
Seven Mile Bridge


  The bridge is nearly 12 km long, which in itself is scary enough. Because it is located in Florida, he was exposed to constant danger from hurricanes. Although it seems stable, not very many brave who are ready to move on it during a storm.

    Volgograd Bridge

    Bridge 7km long overlooks the Volga River. Was put into operation in 2009 although only a year later was closed for several days because of a strange wavy instability of the road. Authorities believe it is an earthquake, seismologists deny a similar version. The mystery about what happened to this day has not found an explanation.