Saturday, January 14, 2012

Are contradictory versions about the ruin of the ship "Costa Concordia"

The reasons for the tragedy of the Italian cruise ship "Costa Concordia" are controversial and likely to arise from human error or failure in electronic equipment, taking into account the parameters of the course of the ship, writes the newspaper "Corriere della Sera".

The ship's captain Francesco Sketino claims that the vessel was hit in the unmarked maps of scale. According to an unnamed source close to the investigation, but the ship was moving the wrong way too close to shore. Whatever the truth, the ship has a hole with a length of about 70 m, caused by a rock.

Italian authorities have issued a list of the nationality of passengers. On board there were 989 Italians, 569 Germans, 462 Frenchmen, 129 Americans, 177 Spaniards, 127 Croats, 108 Russians, 91 South Americans from different countries, 74 Austrians, 69 Swiss, 46 Japanese, 42 Dutch, 33 Ukrainians, 30 Koreans, 13 Taiwanese, 12 Canadians, 11 Portuguese, 9 and 8 Bulgarian Turks. Passengers were a total of 3216, and crew members - 1118.

In Marseille tonight will be brought 250 French tourists.

Three have died so far - two Frenchmen and one Peruvian, a crew member. The first medical studies show that they are drowned. About 20 people still missing. Search is part of the ship, which is still above water.

Italian sites showed spectacular footage of the sinking liner and publish stories of terrified passengers, most of which compared the tragedy of the "Titanic." Disaster happens in a year when notes the 100th anniversary of the sinking of "Titanic." Many journals now publish reports about the crash under the title "Italian Titanic" wrote Monday.