Thursday, February 23, 2012

Girl died after punishment run 3 hours around the house

"Sin" was the child that lied about eaten candy bars
American child of nine years was forced to run three hours around your home for punishment that lied about eaten chocolate candy bars.

As a result of child punishment obezvodnilo strongly received stroke and died, officials said.
Now, stepmother and grandmother of the child will be tried for murder.

Little Savannah Hardin lied to her grandmother that she eats sweets. When the lie was revealed, grandmother and mother had punished three hours to run without stopping around his home town in Alabama in Atala. Many people have seen the child around, running around the house, but suggested that there is something wrong. At the end of the sentence obezvodnilo child is strong and the level of sodium in his body fell sharply. Savannah received a stroke and her mother had called police and paramedics.

The child was rushed to hospital and died three days later.
The case began an investigation after an pathologist concluded that it was a murder. Grandmother and stepmother were arrested in Savannah. They can be released on bail of 500,000 dollars.

Savannah disrupted classmates started to leave her desk in her class room toys, souvenirs and notes with messages on the occasion of her death

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gynecologist benumbs and raped 35 girls

56-year-old gynecologist who anesthetize patients and raped her has pleaded guilty to the Cypriot court AP.
A man has pleaded guilty to charges of rape and indecent acts performing with patients.

Gynecologist abused 35 patients in the period July 2010 - October 2011
Cypriot doctor dope women, viewing them as his private clinic.

Local police stated that six of the 44 charges brought against gynecologist are for rape, including two minor girls.

Meanwhile, investigators found numerous images of actions gynecologist with drugged women.
Cypriot law provides a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for rape.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Allergy to horse killed topzhurnalist

Anthony Shadid is 2 times winner of "Pulitzer"

The famous correspondent of newspaper "New York Times' Anthony Shadid died of asthmatic crisis in Syria, where he prepared a report, AP.
The reason for the attack on 43-year-old reporter he became allergic to horses, moving across the country. For the death of Shadid became known only after a colleague brought his body in Turkey.

Shadid is 2 times winner of "Pulitzer" was wounded in the West Bank, and last year was six days in captivity in Libya.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Electronic cigarette explodes in the mouth of the American

Electronic cigarette explodes in the mouth of American, as his face severely burned, and killed several of his front teeth and tore part of his tongue, officials said.

According to the local fire chief probably has exploded battery of cigarettes, the brand is not specified.

Man using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. Accident occurred on Monday night.

Victim was admitted for treatment.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zurich is the most expensive city in the world

According to EIU most expensive is life in Japan and Switzerland - Zurich, Tokyo, Geneva and Kobe are topping the list
Zurich is the most expensive city in the world for the second half of 2011, the Swiss metropolis took first place in Tokyo cost of living, the results of a latest worldwide survey of the Economist Intelligence Unit, Department of Economic Studies of the famous magazine.

The study is published twice a year and relates to prices for goods and services, including grocery, transportation, private schools and domestic help.

From these data, the authors prepared a ranking as New York has a value of 100 and serves as a base. Real estate prices are not taken into account, unlike the value for sale. In a recent survey Zurich and Tokyo received 170 and 166 points, which means that life is more expensive by 70 and 66% of that in New York.

Third place was shared by the Swiss city of Geneva and other Japanese area - cities Osaka and Kobe. Generally the top ten cities are in Asia / Australia and Europe. At the last place in the top 10 is Frankfurt, as life here as EIU is 37% more expensive than in New York.

Oslo and Paris are also among the top ten as well as Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore.

In the top ten but not a single American city. New York falls to 11th place with Chicago and Los Angeles are among the most expensive cities.

In London, maintaining a standard of living seems to be cheaper than is considered normal. British capital fell 2 places from the previous ranking to 17th place with that occupies Brussels, Wellington (New Zealand) and Adelaide (Australia).

On at least two decades Zurich has been headed the list. The reason for this is the first rapid appreciation of the Swiss franc last year, which helped increase the price levels in the Swiss financial capital.

On the lower end of the scale are mainly cities in Asia and the Middle East. At the bottom is Karachi (Pakistan) to 131 th place. The authors of the study here life is 54% cheaper than in New York.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston - found dead in hotel room

Source: Guliver / Getty Images

This morning we were slightly shocked when we read in Reuters that singer Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel room in Beverly Hills.

Honestly, in recent years often happens to us to be shocked by such news. And it happens whenever one of the biggest stars in music, cinema, etc. dies unexpectedly. We were shocked by the ridiculous death of stars like Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson (his death from shock the world for years) and now Whitney Houston.

Unfortunately, since that day we told you about the stars who overdose, but survived, May is now time to tell you about one of them that failed.

Quick to point out that these are only our predictions. Nobody says what is the real reason for the death of Whitney.

What is reported in Reuters that on Saturday died in a hotel room in Beverly Hills for 48 years. Her death occurred on the eve of the awards "Grammy" in Los Angeles and at the same hotel where her mentor Clive Davis is a party prior to the musical event of the year, of which, incidentally, Whitney had to sing.

But things become quite dramatic when celebrities arrived at the party and learned of the death of Houston. According to Beverly Hills police officer, police were called at the Beverly Hilton on February 11 afternoon and the singer was declared dead minutes later. The cause of death is still clear. Whitney's body was identified by friends and relatives who were in the same hotel. Police said no signs of assault.

Now surely ahead of many events associated with a tribute to the singer. Which for a career in music has 6 awards "Grammy" awards 30 Billboard, 22 confessions from American Music Awards, seven studio albums issued, sold about 170 million CD-s, singles, videos, including her biggest hits "I Will Always Love You "and" Saving All my Love for You ".

She starred in the films is "The Bodyguard" (1992), "Sweet Sigh" (1995) and "The Preacher's Wife" (1996).

Whitney Houston suffers from drug addiction for decades. We, like probably many others will look to see whether particular drugs were the cause of death of the star. Bow to the memory of a great singer and beautiful woman, as you will remember Whitney Houston.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hunters sharpen teeth for "Costa Concordia"

Inside are other jewelry, cash, antiques shops
Photo: Reuters
During the chaotic evacuation of passengers and crew of the shipwrecked tourist liner "Costa Concordia" have abandoned almost everything on board - jewelry, cash, champagne, antiques shops and bohemian crystal chandeliers, dating from the 19th century, thousands of articles art, including 300-year prints on wood, the work of Japanese artist.

In other words, a real treasure lies in Italian waters, where massive luxury liner shipwreck suffered last month, wrote Monday.

Although some items will rot in the bowels of the ship will remain sufficient value to tempt treasure. Just as "Titanic" and countless other shipwrecks were stolen seekers of gold, weapons and other resources.

Maybe it's just a matter of time before the treasure hunters turn their attention to the submerged treasures of the "Costa Concordia", which traveled over 4,200 people.

"While there are corpses, the ship will be seen as inaccessible area because it will be considered a tomb. But when all bodies are removed, will race madly about the values ​​inside," said Robert Marx, a veteran diver and author of numerous books maritime history, underwater archeology and treasure hunt. He says that even the Mafia has a team of divers, specialized in the prosecution of submerged prey.

"Costa Concordia" was basically a floating luxury hotel, and many passengers boarded the ship with their misery most elegant clothing and jewelry to flaunting them in the casino and gala evenings under the high ceilings dotted with crystal chandeliers.

On top of that pyramid stands a sort of enormous wealth, owned the ship itself - shops, packed with jewels, over 6,000 works of art hanging on the walls of the vessel and spa center with a collection of prints on wood 300 years ago, Case the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

"Now," Costa Concordia "is a paradise for lovers of underwater treasures," said Hans Reinhard, a German lawyer representing 19 German passengers who want compensation for losses suffered by them. The lawyer argued that some of his clients have traveled with jewelry studded with diamonds and other valuables which were owned by families for generations.

"They lost a lot of jewelry and valuables - watches, necklaces, do everything you put women wanting to look good and elegant. They wanted to show everything we had," said the lawyer.

The massive liner worth 450 million dollars, but that's just the price of the vessel and the engine and this amount does not include other items on board, recalls David Barban, a spokesman for the company owner of the ship "Costa Krochiere."

Barban confirms that among submerged objects are furniture, a large collection of works of art, computers, wine, champagne and other valuables locked in the vaults of the cabins.

"Costa Krochiere" remains the legal owner of the ship and passengers continue to own the submerged values.

"But to make a quantitative assessment of all these objects is impossible, because unfortunately the ship sank. Until it is removed, there is no way to understand what it can be saved and what is not," said Barbie.

The ship ended up on an underwater rock near the Tuscan island of Jilin, after captain Francesco Sketino deviate from the approved course to get closer to shore and distractions to passengers with a close view of the island - a common practice for cruise liners.

Sketino is now under house arrest, charged with manslaughter, causing the wreck and abandonment of the ship before the complete evacuation of passengers. He has confirmed the deaths of 17 people, 15 people still missing.

Now tipped to ship was seized by the authorities and surrounded by investigative teams from the teams that will pump the fuel and scientists who monitor his position on the rocks on which is stuck. Civil Protection, which oversees operations, said in the recovery area is big, but authorities are not bothered by the threat of looting. Civil defense plans to move the ship before the robbers can get to it.

After the shipwreck of the "Costa Concordia" the authorities have issued three documents forbidding people to converge on one sea mile from it. This prohibition shall remain in force until the huge liner stand near Jilin, say coastal patrols.

"The ship is kept 24 hours. It is impossible for anyone to get close to him," said Lieutenant Massimo Makeroni representative of coastal patrols.

Director of Civil Protection Franco Gabrieli recently said it may take between 7 to 10 months for removal of 290 meters long liner after this work be awarded to contractors.

According to Robert Marx treasure hunters will inevitably embark on a hunt for sunken booty despite high risks because they are the debris from the vessel-free zone for everyone.

Marx believed that it would take 4 to 6 months before the real treasure hunt - partly because hunters gems will want to avoid the harsh sea conditions in winter. Marx adds that some hunters postpone the search because the ship continues to slide on the rocks encountered and it is considered unstable.

But sooner or later, the treasure hunt will begin. "Eaters jewels divers will want to accumulate wealth quickly," says Marx.

Even now there are people who try to profit from disaster. In the eBay auction offered all kinds of memorabilia associated with the ship, coat hangers and medallions, which bear the name on the liner to card decks "Costa Concordia".

Marx points out that everything is delivered by the famous ship will have a value. He recalls that even coal exported from the sunken 100 years ago 'Titanic', found a buyer.

"Even the crystal or porcelain plates from the ship will cost fortune," said the expert.

Reinhardt's lawyer says his clients want to return values ​​that most of them have sentimental value. But at this stage they will have to be satisfied with an agreement on cash benefits.

"They would prefer to get their stuff instead of money, but have no hope that this will happen," said the lawyer.