Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Death before Christmas in Belgium!

  Killed after an explosion and gunfire in the center of Liege. Experienced wounds ten killed and three died

    Attackers opened fire on children shopping for Christmas and passers-by in the Belgian city of Liege.
    He was alone, according to prosecutors, although an hour earlier information came to attack by several people. Prosecutor Daniel Reynders said that the attacker was among the victims of both incidents, and stresses that it's not a terrorist act, AFP reported.
    Interior Minister of Belgium Joël Milket left the meeting of EU interior ministers and went to Liege.
    The attack happened on the Square "St. Lambert," where the building of the city court and has the Christmas market.
    According to some information, this was an unsuccessful attempt to extricate suspect from the courthouse.
    "Fortunately, the mayor delayed opening of the Christmas Bazaar, because of bad weather and strong winds. Otherwise, many would be dead, "said an official of the municipality of Liege.
    According to Belgian media, were found several suspicious objects and are called sappers.
    Bleed stroke was defined by many as the world's media attack.
    Following the attack, four people were killed and 75 injured.
    Among the dead is the shooter. His victims have become a boy of 15 years, another 17 years and wife of 75 years.
    Nordin Amrani shooter was convicted of possession of weapons and drugs.
    Meanwhile it became clear that Amrani was summoned to appear for questioning by the police on Tuesday morning.

    Information from earlier today indicated that several men were shot with guns and explosives were thrown from the crowd in the city center. Two year old child is in critical condition.
    According to eyewitnesses, several men threw explosives. Prosecutors denied claims that the striker is one.
    Police reported that a man is wounded 10 people with a grenade and then died.
    Heard four explosions.
    The man, aged about 40 years, threw several explosives at a bus stop.

    According to other versions bombers were between two and four. Surely one of them died in the attack.
    According to RTBF one of the perpetrators committed suicide after being shot with a machine "Kalashnikov". In his bag were several grenades.
    RTL reported that one of the attackers had fled and opened fire on Cathedral Square. In one of the streets around the square are open five wounded.
    According to Belgian media, police seek second man does not exclude the participation of a third person.
    A source from the town hall in Liege offenders were three men who tried to liberate man from the courthouse.
    The area has no load and over the scene has federal helicopters. End point of attack was erected tent, where medical teams assist the injured.