Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Domestic Violence in Turkey: If he beats me, you love me ...

Increasingly in the Turkish
 media and messages
appear on the murders
of women

Beatings, humiliation, death - between 40 and 50 percent of women in
Turkey are subjected to physical or sexual violence. This is not startled police. They soothe the victims, saying: If they fight, then love.

    "24 years it is applied against sexual violence. Her husband almost every day raped her, hit her with a stick on the head. She showed me the scars of wounds on his face. When I finally dared to approach the police, none of its pay attention and send her to go home "- from Gyulik watchdog" Human Rights Watch "tells the story of a 40-year-old woman from the city of Van iztochnoanadolskiya. Severe cases of violence as a human rights activist that is documented in the report "He fought you they love you so." Gyulik is clear: the Turkish authorities are powerless to prevent violence against women.

    Who would protect them?

    A study of Hachetepe University in Ankara, made in 2009 between 40 and 50 percent of women in Turkey are subjected to physical or sexual violence. This is twice the rate than the average for Europe. Violence against women has increased in recent years, says Ayse Gyozhdemir, voluntary assistant of an autonomous women's home in Istanbul. The home has places for 20 women. For legal and psychological assistance to women can use phone confidence.

    Increasingly in the Turkish media and messages appear on the murders of women. Recently 30-year-old man killed after 22-year hassle-wife - yuzhnoanadolskata in Mardin province. "Every day there are at least five cases of murder of women," said human rights activist Gyozhdemir. According to the organization "Bianet" only last year in Turkey have been killed over 200 women.

    A real man is the cue?

    Since 1990 Turkey has a law to protect women. But he is not properly applied by the authorities, says human rights activist. Many police officers do not even know that Turkey has such a law. Sometimes the police are trying to reconcile the victim with the perpetrator. "They say the women: it is a real man, as they fight, then love. And refer women at home," said Gyozhdemir.

    Prosecutors and judges in many cases did not take prompt action to move appeals to women. Some victims wait months while on their tormentors be taken. In addition to the existing law to protect women is no small omission. Here is just one example, divorced or unmarried women are not entitled to legal protection.

    Source: Deutsche Welle

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Government workers to strike in Britain

They will protest against government plans to change the pension system
  Public sector workers in Britain are planning big strike on 30 November, ITAR-TASS.
Expected in protest against government plans to change the pension system to contribute about 2.5 million people, including working in the border guards, teachers, doctors, policemen. This may be the biggest strike of civil servants in Britain since 1979
Because protest is expected to be difficult passport control at the airport "Heathrow" and a delay of flights.
DKOL urged airlines to reduce the number of flights on November 30 because of the inability of border authorities to ensure normal operation. Representatives from London Gatwick and other airports also warned that delays are possible on flights and difficulty of servicing passengers. BTA

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Marks Berbatov, but United blew against Benfica

Manchester United and Benfica their neat spectacular 2-2 of "Old Trafford", the star of "Reds" Dimitar Berbatov is reported with a goal and was the best composition in English.
Mitko was at the heart of everything memorable in the forefront of United Defense and constant harassment of the guests with his unconventional plays.
He was the only striker in the attack on Sir Alex Ferguson, assisted by Ashley Young, at the end of the match and Javier Hernandez. Mitko was struck by First it after more than three years of drought in the Champions League.
The match was incredibly dramatic, after Benfica failed to lead with an own goal by Phil Jones, but United came to a complete reversal by Berbatov and Darren Fletcher. "Eagles", however, took the point after a goal by Pablo Aimar.
Overall, "Red Devils" controlled the meeting and must regret the missed victory as allowed outrageous mistakes in defense. Benfica players deserve only admiration for the game and deservedly took a point from the "Old Trafford".
The equation allowed Benfica to rank up, but United will not have to lose against Basel in the last game to continue the next phase.

Source: dnes.bg

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Joe Frazier Dies - One of the greatest boxers!

One of the greatest boxers of all time
   With his championship belt and a pair of boxing gloves near his head, former world boxing champion for professional heavyweight Joe Frazier was buried in the Baptist church in Philadelphia.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson attended the funeral asked to become, to join hands and "the last time to show their love" to the former world champion. Funeral ceremony ended with ten strokes of the gong boxing, which means the world of boxing "knockout".At the funeral ceremony attended by the largest rival Joe Frazier in the ring - Mohammed Ali. Dressed in a black suit and sunglasses, Mohammed Ali, who suffers from Parkinson's disease was supported by his wife Lonnie, who held him by the hand when entering the church and helped him in the corner and becoming.The ceremony was attended by friend and longtime Philadelphia and world welterweight champion Bernard Hopkins, former world heavyweight champion Larry Holmes Boxing promoter Don King.

"We make history together. We tried to make America better," said Don King. 4000 was in the Baptist church and about a two hour service for Joe Frazier, who died at age 67 from liver cancer on November 7.

15 small dinosaurs found in a nest

Were smaller in size from 10 to 15 inches and not older than one year

Nest with 15 babies dinosaur was found in the sandy desert of Mongolia. Small, who had no chance to grow are the type Protoceratops cousins ​​and the horned Triceratops.

The discovery gives scientists clues to believe that these herbivorous dinosaurs probably cared for their young. 
Protoceratops are herbivorous reptiles size of a sheep, a parrot-like beak and "collar" of the neck, which lived 70 million years.




  Were smaller in size from 10 to 15 inches and not older than one year. Probably killed by a local sand dune by the wind, which in their time have reached 24 meters, similar to today's largest dunes in the Sahara desert, says "Magazine 8".

The fact that all young were found together, suggesting that Protoceratops have been caring for their young.

The researchers suggest that since this species is relatively primitive in its group, probably the nest and parental care were characteristic of other ceratopsids including Triceratops and Torosaurus.


 Numerous discoveries of fossils, like a frozen sand shows that 70 million years ago the area was the Gobi desert. But the fact that it lived herbivores, changing our conception of the desert as we know it today.

Gobi has long proved one of the "gold mines" of paleontology, as researchers have even found a pair of dinosaurs, frozen forever in a battle as the moment at which they were caught in a sudden sandstorm. But what plants to survive in this environment for researchers remains a mystery.