Monday, May 27, 2013

The most ancient civilizations in Europe flourished THE TERRITORY OF BULGARIA and part of the Balkans from 6200 until 4500 BC d

Unexpected furor caused in New York exhibition "The Lost World of Old Europe," wrote "The New York Times". Long before the heyday of Greece and Rome, even much earlier than the emergence of the first cities in Mesopotamiya and Egypt, in the Lower Danube and Fore lived people ahead of his time in commerce, art and technology. In the last days of 2009, many American journals, and newspapers report that in its peak period civilization "Old Europe" was one of the most developed areas of the world. Noting that in 1972 was found near Varna Varna Necropolis and its Neolithic treasure.

Also in the complex Dourankoulak which is basically a Neolithic village with its 1,200 graves that contain the largest prehistoric treasure in Southeast Europe. Inhabitants of the Northwest coast were highly developed community whose traditions have entered the cultural heritage of the Thracian ethno-cultural community and later Greek civilization, the oldest of which about 2700-1120 BC. is the Mycenaean civilization. Douglas Bailey of the University of San Francisco wrote in the exhibition catalog, "The Lost World of Old Europe" as follows: "The ability to create, use and understand symbolic objects such as figurines, defines people as such. This ability brings us modern people with the people of the Neolithic and the Paleolithic painters. "

Evidence of this are the exhibits - gold, copper and ceramic pieces such as bracelets, figurines and vessels, which in the words of Michel Louis Seferiad, anthropologist at the National Center for Scientific Research in France, surrounded by ancient mysteries, cults and myths. Again in our land are found the oldest written symbols in the world. Of settlement mound near the village of Karanovo dug clay seal, whose age is set at 3000 - 3500 BC Approximately this period and finds from Transylvania / Romania / and end Vinca / Serbia /. Even older are the signs on some clay sadche, found near the village Gradeshnitsa / Vratsa / - from 3500 - 4000 BC! For comparison, I will say that the Sumerian script, until recently considered to be the oldest in the world, occurred at 3100 BC, and Egypt - 3000 BC
Now Europe began to take notice of these facts. New findings show something truly sensational: the Balkans are the cradle of civilization, these lands were inhabited by a highly developed culture that is much older than the Mesopotamian civilizations, says Deutsche Welle. Harald Harman in his book "Mysteries of the Danube civilization" proves Balkan lands were inhabited by a civilization that developed the first alphabet. Harman calls this culture inhabiting the lands of present-day Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and as parts of Ukraine and Hungary, "styled".

According to archaeological finds its occurrence can be attributed to the seventh century BC. Harman argues that the words which have been considered HOTNITsAbili Greek, actually, "styled" and is still used today - fireplace, olive, ceramics, metal, etc. anthem. Writing of the Danube civilization occurred 2000 years before that of the Sumerians. Harman confirms what has long know that the oldest gold in the world is found on the territory of modern Bulgaria. According to modern methods and technologies to date it has been done sometime in 4500 BC., Which means it is 2,000 years older than the gold found in Egypt.