Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From the crown of the door to the star tree

Christmas is knocking on the door! If you want your home to shine holiday home and all are happy, you will need to harness them to take part in the decoration. First, however, must create its own concept and idea of ​​how you want your home looks - that would be stylish only in gold and red, or each room will have its own appearance.

Put the front door Christmas wreath from natural twigs and shiny bells. So anyone who comes home and guests from the entrance you can feel the magic of expectation.

Usually a dark hallway of the house. Let us now, however, with more coming to see it coming holiday. There can put light bulbs, do not forget garlands and bells.

Each door can be a different decoration, Christmas tree to take the place of honor in your home to shine in the festive attire - illuminated and decorated. Put it under the Christmas gifts.

Put the windows illuminated garlands, flashing lights and stars. The lenses do you make drawings or to put shutters of angels ....