Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goats in the three meter jump tower

Sports facility is designed specifically for them by their master  55-year-old Charles Black

    South African-foot medieval tower built to shelter his favorite goats who love to climb high, writes the newspaper "Metro".
    55-year-old Charles Black had a dairy farm near the town and in the Parle Cape Province. He built the facility, which is an external spiral staircase around the battlements, so smooth goats can climb up to his new home.
    "People who raise goats usually do not realize how much these animals need to dizzying heights, to feel comfortable. That is why I did that" Replies "them to grow vertically rather than horizontally "said caring owner told local media.
    Mr. Black bought goats in 1981 to produce its own brand of cheese.
    The medieval tower has separate rooms for each of the goats, and they quite like their new home. Rest of the South African quickly began to spread worldwide and now these stalls, there are already holes in Illinois, in the city of Memphis and in Norway, the paper recalls. BTA