Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Drunk Russians stole and flew with Ann-2

An-2 aircraft disappeared from the airport in Serov, Russia.

After the bust along with 12 people pilot stole a private jet An-2, the company went into it and took off in an unknown direction. This happened on June 11 in the town Serov, Sverdlovsk region.

The lack of aircraft was discovered on June 12 morning and the incident was reported to the police. Search operation is undertaken.

According to one version he is working on the police, the group may have gone fishing, but according to others - a Russian bath in the neighboring region.

Aboard stolen Ann-22 were present head of the state car inspection in the city of Serov, Dmitry Ushakov, 67-year-old caretaker of the runway at the airport in the city, Yuri Sobolev, 30-year-old security guard in a factory "Ufaley nickel" and three inspectors from State Automobile Inspection of 24, 25 and 31 years. It is possible that the plane may have been, and sister of one of the inspectors, unemployed youth, retired businessman and salesman in the shop for mobile phones. The plane was operated by the pilot HATIB Kashapov.

It is assumed that on June 11 Kashapov Sobolev and friends are invited to the airport and started to drink. According to the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" guard Sobolev husband is the director of the airport in the city Valentina Soboleva. She explained that at one point her husband no longer in charge of your phone. Later it was found that missing people are leaving their phones at the airport. Soboleva went to the airport and found the plane and all the company disappeared. On the track were abandoned cars actors in the record.

Soboleva told reporters that airport Serov has hardly operated. Recently, the Centre for traffic control in Yekaterinburg ordered to be passed En-2, owned by the company in Orenburg. According to " 'plane had been leased for monitoring forest fires.

Anonymous pilot Serov explained that even though the airplane was just loaded, the fuel would reach a maximum of 8 hours. "If the pilots had not established a link, then the plane fell," he said.

The latest information today from the police that the plane An-2 with passengers on board, who disappeared in the Sverdlovsk region, probably crashed. People were sent to check, but nothing has yet been confirmed.

3:00 hope to fly to Relapse and death

British tourist killed in Greece, after his parachute hang with a rock

British tourists spent three hours hanging on his parachute, which caught on a rock, before flying to his death in 70-meter cliff in Greece.

Parachute Jake Simkins is paid during the weekend in a rock jump. 41-year-old man called his girlfriend, seven months pregnant, at that moment was in the hotel to call for help through it.

Greek emergency services, however, failed to rescue the hiker who fell from the cliff in one of the strongest wind gusts and dead.

While hanging hundreds of feet high above the rocks, Simkins even rang a colleague to tell him that he suffered an accident, but it is good and only wound up.

Local woman, whose name is not mentioned, the story to the "Daily Mail": "He talked with her all the time and it soothed it better. Was calm, even tried to joke. Jake asked him to emergency teams throw a rope to be able to climb on it. Three hours were enough for teams to find a rope and pull him up? "

Antonis Postamidis that makes a tourist boat, how to make a couple of times I called in the fire and prayed them to bring trained climbers from Athens:

"It was a terrible tragedy. Adventure ended with him falling on the rocks. I dialed local fire chief and told him to call a specialist, but he refused to hear me. Man fell 70 meters after hang more than three hours of rock and they were not even brought a rope. How could such a thing? "

After the tragedy, his girlfriend was taken to hospital in shock and in the beginning of the week have gone to Britain.

"She was in absolute shock. First day barely spoke. Reaction is absolutely understandable. Girl come on holiday with her boyfriend, thought to be married, and now left alone," says a friend.