Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Criminals set fire to the Palace of Justice in Brussels

  The fire destroyed the documents of the Court of Appeals
Fire broke out last night in the Palace of Justice in Brussels, according to police spokesman reasons for the criminal incident, said the agency "Belgium".

Tackling fire took several hours, firefighters were seriously hampered in their work as difficult they found the source of the fire, they lacked enough water and had no visibility due to large quantities of smoke, the agency notes. At this stage the damage has not been evaluated, but it is clear that the destroyed documents from the archives of the Court of Appeal. Although the Court building for years in the repair, there are workshops scheduled at the time of occurrence of the fire building was full of employees. Tonight the place remained firefighters to ensure new ignition.

It was found that the outbreaks were two prosecutors opened an investigation of the case stated in the information. When no incident seriously injured two firefighters were gassed.