Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sex in space was "Mission Impossible"

Space is not a suitable environment for pregnancy

Although rich people can now enjoy a trip into space, some of the pleasures of that happy land, remain impossible in the absence of gravity.

Experts from NASA, supported by their Russian colleagues refuted the myth that sex is possible in space conditions. According to U.S. experts currently no data recorded history anyone has dealings in space, says

The Russians also said they are not registered intercourse attempts by the astronauts.

Experts say there are many reasons sex to be "mission impossible". On the one hand the astronauts never left alone. They are under constant monitoring of multiple cameras.

Also intercourse is impossible due to physiological problems that might encounter sex partners. Among them are nausea and low blood pressure.

Space is not a suitable environment for pregnancy. Experts say radiation sterilized female embryos. This makes women infertile.

Studies in pregnant rats on board the spacecraft and the shuttle show that this environment is not conducive to the development of offspring.