Thursday, February 23, 2012

Girl died after punishment run 3 hours around the house

"Sin" was the child that lied about eaten candy bars
American child of nine years was forced to run three hours around your home for punishment that lied about eaten chocolate candy bars.

As a result of child punishment obezvodnilo strongly received stroke and died, officials said.
Now, stepmother and grandmother of the child will be tried for murder.

Little Savannah Hardin lied to her grandmother that she eats sweets. When the lie was revealed, grandmother and mother had punished three hours to run without stopping around his home town in Alabama in Atala. Many people have seen the child around, running around the house, but suggested that there is something wrong. At the end of the sentence obezvodnilo child is strong and the level of sodium in his body fell sharply. Savannah received a stroke and her mother had called police and paramedics.

The child was rushed to hospital and died three days later.
The case began an investigation after an pathologist concluded that it was a murder. Grandmother and stepmother were arrested in Savannah. They can be released on bail of 500,000 dollars.

Savannah disrupted classmates started to leave her desk in her class room toys, souvenirs and notes with messages on the occasion of her death