Sunday, January 29, 2012

Banned Irish unemployment to walk in pajamas

New fashion - a walk with pajamas

Irish officials have banned the unemployed to come in pajamas job interviews, BBC reported.

Appropriate warning was circulated in the city Damastaun. Addressing the unemployed said that sleeping attire is not appropriate for situations such as interviews with potential employers in the labor offices. As the consultant Billy Dixon pajamas is associated with sleep and rest at home and not work, so in search of job applicants should put clothing appropriate for a serious conversation with the employer, said Thursday.

In recent months, the ban on pajamas is not the first in Britain. Recently, residents of the Welsh capital Cardiff were asked not to shop in pajamas in the supermarket "Tesco". And in the English city of Middlesbrough parents were advised not to put their children to school if they are not dressed appropriately.