Friday, January 27, 2012

16 kilograms of cocaine mistakenly arrived at UN headquarters in New York

Two packages containing 16 kilograms of cocaine were delivered in error at UN headquarters in New York last week, a spokesman for the New York police said on Tuesday.

The packages arrived on 16 January in the distribution center of UN post. They aroused the suspicions of the officers wore as a logo that looked like a "rough imitation" of the UN logo.

According to Paul Brown, a police spokesman in New York, there were 14 packets books whose pages were cut and each contained less than one kilogram of cocaine, stated Monday.

He explained that the packages had no name or address and they arrived in Mexico City in Cincinnati (Ohio).

"Our working hypothesis is that this drug does not have to leave Mexico," said police spokesman. "Some in Mexico are now clearly very sorry that he has lost a quantity of cocaine," he added.

Drug detainee has a market value of about two million dollars, said Wednesday.