Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nail stuck in the skull of a man, he felt


32-year-old American Dante Autulo crashed his 8.5-inch nail into his head, without understanding, while using a gun for nailing in the workshop.

At one point the unit slip out of his hand. He felt the gun hit him lightly on the head and it seemed that automatically launched nail passed his ear. Upon contact with the sensor head but the gun really take into account the flat surface and fired.

His wife looked at the wound, clean it, but nothing indicated that the skull was pounding the nails. The man is busy with routine tasks.

The next day, however, felt that he is sick, and his wife offered to go to the hospital. X-rays showed that the nail was stuck in the middle of his brain in millimeters from the brain center that controls motor functions. The operation was successful and now Autulo joking with his adventure. (24 hours)