Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Greg or ... Lindsay? Here the tallest man changed sex

  American Greg Walker, who recently proudly named Lindsay, is the tallest man who changed his sex, reported 'Daily Mail'.

Former basketball player who went on women, has a height of 213 centimeters and was regularly harassed by fans for autographs.

Lindsay, however, is the new firm that prefers to remain just friends with girls and talk about fashion and "girly" things.

At some point in their lives felt Greg and his wife began to wear women's clothes. Seek medical assistance and was advised to take the female hormone estrogen.

This lady's got an attractive appearance and to measure bra 85B.

Walker was born in Ohio and had a typical "boy" childhood. Become a better athlete and even received a scholarship in "Central Michigan College," but abandoned 21 years learning and sport and wrote a letter to his parents in which they explained that wishes to change his sex.

It will become fully woman, and change their sexual organs at the end of this year or early 2013

-Greg Lindsay contacted representatives of Guinness, to officially recognize his record of the highest male changed sex.