Sunday, November 6, 2011

Water waves killed a policeman in Naples

 Heavy rains and floods caused by them in Italy took the life of another person. In the vicinity of Naples water element is felled tree on the police patrol car and located inside a policeman was killed, reported foreign media.
Because of heavy rains Naples, located in southern Italy, is blocked. Match is canceled by Italian domestic championships between clubs "Napoli" and "Juventus". The decision of cancellation is taken for the safety of players as the local stadium "San Paolo" is flooded.
Water flow is still raging in the north, where yesterday announced an emergency. At the level of the river had already risen to 5 meters and considerably exceeds the norm in some areas of the northwestern Piedmont area, including near the administrative center of Turin.
Schools are closed, traffic is limited in some areas even banned. River spills caused the destruction of one of the bridges on the outskirts of Turin.
Torrential rain did not subside and in Genoa, where 6 people died. The total number of victims since the beginning of the disaster in Italy are now 20.