Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From today, all cigarettes in the EU should disappear on their own

 On November 17, 2011 all cigarettes sold in the European Union, you must have a "reduced ability to burn." The provision is the European Commission and its purpose is to reduce the number of fires fatal fires caused by cigarette neizgasena.

To meet the requirements of Brussels, cigarette paper manufacturers have adjusted their production in and have added two rings thicker paper in two places along the cigarette. If it is left unattended, the burning tobacco will reach one of these two rings and will go out by itself.

Smoking is the biggest health risk in Europe, which is impossible to avoid and which kills more than half a million people in the EU each year, the commission noted.
Unattended lit cigarettes are one of the most common causes of fatal fires in Europe. Therefore the main objective of the new standards is to reduce the number of people killed in fires caused by cigarettes neizgaseni. According to Brussels through the standard "reduced ability to burn" victims may be 40% less.

'Safe cigarette there and most would be safer not to smoke! But some still prefer to smoke ... new standards would impose on tobacco manufacturers to produce only cigarettes with reduced ability to burn, as This will create prerequisites for the protection of hundreds of citizens from the danger of fire, "said EU Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli.