Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Men, which should not marry

Women and men often lose their head out of love. However, having passed the first phase of the strong chemistry, comes the rational thought of the connection, says Australian Catholic priest Pat Connor.
He leads courses for premarital couples and author of "Who should not marry." Also lectures to students and students the right choice of partner for life.
It recommended engagement or just one year as necessary for people to know better and to assess whether they are together.
Men, which should not be married
1.A milksop
A man who is unable alone to decide, talk more with their mother than with his wife and expects to take care of him like his mother.
2 A man who does not handle money
Whether his salary is small or not able to prioritize, this man is a great burden on a marriage that can easily fall apart because of money scandals, Conner said.
3 A man who has no friends
Connor says the number is not important friends. But if man has no friends, he often spoke of his selfish nature and his strange temper, and this will be good for marriage.
4 A man who publicly humiliates you
There are important occasion and behavior, and sense of insult and humiliation. This means that this man loses self control and it is more important simply to vent their anger, rather than how it relates to you.
5 A man who behaves with other disgusting
Whether from a waiter, keeper or cashier parking - outrageous and arrogant behavior issue the true nature of man, which he hides from the woman, but time will surely emerge.
6 A man who can not be fun with itself
Such behavior reveals insecurity and complexes is not a good basis for establishing the connection. According to Connor, and it reveals a lack of self-criticism and a great deal of criticism of others.