Monday, September 15, 2014

October 20 Russia will enter the House of Death - astrologer

Clouds are gathering over Russia, Star broadcast  great trouble for this country, writing famous astrologer and prophet in his blog Marseille Kamaletdinov. According to him, after 6 weeks, China has officially possible to present a claim to the Russian Federation, as well as Mercury (Russia) is included in the 8th house of Death. There will also be a significant deterioration in the economy by the end of the year in Russia.

"But I would like to emphasize," - he writes - "As a general situation in Ukraine, too, seems to be not the best way, since the planet Ketu (Evil) is in the sign of Pisces (Ukraine) from 13 July this year, and on January 9, 2016 ... it can say that Ukraine will complete pest control, that is, will destroy the corrupt and traitors, saboteurs ... destruction will be the physical and associated with stiffness! this is probably to be expected, since not just stuck with the peel body of the state of Ukraine! they will crush and probably with the blood they will tear off! "