Saturday, May 12, 2012

Plastic waste in the Pacific have increased 100 times in 40 years image

Plastic waste dumped in the Pacific have increased 100 times compared with 40 years ago, a survey of University of California, cited the "France 24". Surveys of 1972 and 1987 did not find plastic micro particles, forming the so-called. killer soup - particles smaller than 5 mm - which threaten to alter the natural environment in the open ocean. Today, scientists estimate that discarded waste collected in the North Pacific subtropical circulations, and the "Great Pacific shit patches" have become almost the size of Texas.
"Plenty of small plastic particles in these areas has increased 100 times over the past four decades," explain researchers at UCLA. According to the UN Environment  Programme   nearly 13,000 plastic particles are found in every square kilometer of sea, but in the Northern Pacific, the situation is even worse. There are mixed plastic waste with waste from marine life and birds and are filled with toxic chemicals. These contaminated areas actually form a new ocean habitat for insects that feed on plankton and eggs, on the other hand, are food for seabirds, turtles and fish. Insects lay their eggs on a hard surface, and therefore, if continued dumping of plastic waste, their population can grow, which would threaten the balance of zooplankton and eggs.